Since 2010, Max Greyson has been active as a spoken word performer. In 2015 he became vice-champion Poetry Slam of the Netherlands, where he received compliments such as: the lyricist, the musical poet and the innovator of sentences.

@ Nacht van de poëzie

Nòrchestra aka 'No Ordinary Orchestra'. Three jazzers, three classical musicians and a poet bring an eclectic sound as an underlay for spoken word and composed music with room for instrumental improvisation.

Clip 'Script'

As a scriptwriter and spoken word performer, Max Greyson is a member of the dance theater ensemble Un-Label, in which artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe create performances using new, inclusive methods of artistic accessibility and aesthetics of access.

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Ni Tjeu ni Maître

Two friends who have been creatively pollinating each other for years in a philosophical sense. Mathieu Engels is a chansonnier without scruples and Max Greyson is a thoroughbred stage poet. They are the duo Ni Tjeu ni Maître; poetry and lyricism in a folky musical costume.

ARType vzw

Max Greyson is the artistic director of ARType vzw, which has produced music theater performances such as BARTóK and Voyeurs in BXL. Today ARType is a partner of Un-Label and Silence Radio for music theater by, with and for the deaf and hard of hearing. ARType aims to build bridges that broaden and deepen the accessibility of music theater.

Trailer 'Voyeurs'

In the research projects ArtInAD and Speaking Figures at the Antwerp Royal Conservatoire, Max Greyson develops artistic methods and tools to enable artistic and dramaturgical accessibility for blind and visually impaired people in collaboration with the Dance Department. The workbook ArtInAD is a practical toolbook for artistically integrated audio description.

Trailer 'Gravity (and other attractions)'
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